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Finally you are home from work – time to get out of that office outfit and into something more comfortable. A combination of soft sweatshirt fabric is especially comfortable, since it is not only pleasant to the touch, but also feels comfortable with all of your movements.


» More information about our sweatshirt fabrics

  • Soft Sweater 14

    Soft Sweater 14
    från 176,00 kr/m
    150 cmgrått100% Bomull
  • Sweatshirt upp...

    Sweatshirt uppruggad 20
    från 103,00 kr/m
    140 cmljusgrått65% Bomull35% Polyester
  • Sweatshirt Slä...

    Sweatshirt Slät 23
    från 144,00 kr/m
    160 cmsvart94% Bomull6% Elastan
  • Soft Sweater 21

    Soft Sweater 21
    från 176,00 kr/m
    150 cmpetrol100% Bomull
  • Sweatshirt upp...

    Sweatshirt uppruggad 18
    från 103,00 kr/m
    140 cmgrått65% Bomull35% Polyester
  • Soft Sweater 19

    Soft Sweater 19
    från 176,00 kr/m
    150 cmantracit100% Bomull
  • Soft Sweater 1

    Soft Sweater 1
    från 176,00 kr/m
    150 cmsvart100% Bomull
  • Sweatshirt upp...

    Sweatshirt uppruggad 3
    från 103,00 kr/m
    140 cmkungsblått65% Bomull35% Polyester
  • Sweatshirt Ank...

    Sweatshirt Ankarstämpel Liten 4
    från 147,00 kr/m
    150 cmljusgrått95% Bomull5% Elastan
  • Sweatshirt upp...

    Sweatshirt uppruggad 10
    från 103,00 kr/m
    140 cmgul65% Bomull35% Polyester
  • Mjuk Sweater m...

    Mjuk Sweater medium stjärna 9
    från 127,00 kr/m
    140 cmgrått65% Bomull35% Polyester
  • Sweatshirt Stj...

    Sweatshirt Stjärncirklar 1
    från 147,00 kr/m
    150 cmmarinblått95% Bomull8% Elastan
  • Sweatshirt Rug...

    Sweatshirt Ruggad 24
    från 127,00 kr/m
    140 cmturkos44% Bomull56% Polyester
  • Sweatshirt lät...

    Sweatshirt lätt – Ränder 1
    från 142,00 kr/m
    160 cmmarinblått96% Viskos4%Elastan
  • Sweatshirt Ank...

    Sweatshirt Ankarstämpel Stor 3
    från 147,00 kr/m
    150 cmvit95% Bomull5% Elastan
  • Sweatshirt upp...

    Sweatshirt uppruggad 13
    från 103,00 kr/m
    140 cmaubergine65% Bomull35% Polyester
  • Sweatshirt Fle...

    Sweatshirt Fleece 1
    från 137,00 kr/m
    150 cmnavy65% Polyester35% Bomull
  • Sweatshirt Slä...

    Sweatshirt Slät 20
    från 144,00 kr/m
    160 cmslamm94% Bomull6% Elastan
  • Sweatshirt Stj...

    Sweatshirt Stjärnstämpel Stor 1
    från 147,00 kr/m
    150 cmjeansblå95% Bomull5% Elastan
  • Soft Sweater 28

    Soft Sweater 28
    från 176,00 kr/m
    150 cmbordeauxrött100% Bomull
  • Soft Sweater 30

    Soft Sweater 30
    från 176,00 kr/m
    150 cmkaminrött100% Bomull
  • Sweatshirt Slä...

    Sweatshirt Slät 41
    från 142,00 kr/m
    155 cmmintgrön92% Bomull8% Elastan
  • Sweatshirt Slä...

    Sweatshirt Slät 5
    från 144,00 kr/m
    160 cmlax94% Bomull6% Elastan
  • Sweatshirt Fle...

    Sweatshirt Fleece 13
    från 137,00 kr/m
    150 cmljusgrått65% Polyester35% Bomull
  • Soft Sweater 27

    Soft Sweater 27
    från 176,00 kr/m
    150 cmsignalrött100% Bomull

The fabric:

The main component of classic sweatshirt fabric is cotton. To achieve a more robust stand, it may contain a smaller portion of artificial fibres. This fabric is knit mechanically, similar to jersey. Compared to the thinner jersey, however, it certainly isn’t as stretchable.
In order to improve the thermal insulation of heavy winter sweatshirt fabrics, their inside is often roughened. This increases the volume of warm air close to the body.


Care instructions:

In order to avoid sweatshirt fabric with a spandex component from wearing out, do not wash it with fabric softener. A spin cycle of maximum 1,000 can also help to counteract wear.If you want to be very careful to make sure that your clothing doesn’t stretch while drying, then you can lay it flat on a towel on your laundry rack.
Before you wear your sweatshirt or jersey clothing for the first time, make sure you wash it briefly to remove any stiffening, dye saturation, or dirt from the articles. If the dye bleeds after multiple washings, then bathing the articles in vinegar water may help (3 parts water, 1 part household vinegar). You shouldn’t have such problems with higher quality goods.


Production advice:

In order avoid damaging the knit, sweatshirt may only be sewn using a special needle with rounded tip (as all knit products).The needle tip should be adjusted for the thickness of the fabric at hand (normally 75 to 80).
Due to the elasticity of the fabric, it is recommended that you use only resilient special stitches, and these may be referenced in the instruction manual of your sewing machine. With a normal household machine, sewing may be done with either a zigzag stitch or with a straight stitch using a twin needle. The needle distance of the twin needle may be within the normal range.
If you are using an overlock machine, which cuts off the edges and casts in a single step, then you won’t need to cast the product’s cut edges extra.